Where do Tanks come from? ☭

the Western Left

I’m being serious when I say a lack of tank production is a serious problem.

“Where do tanks come from?”

What does modern revolution look like?

Where do tanks come from? Well, you see, when a an armoured car and an artillery platform love each other very much…

Where do tanks come from?

Empires are neither passive nor static

You are fighting the fucking Terminator

This is what fighting against a state feels like. The system is always in motion, and always reacting to change. If you don’t smash the whole of the system, it can and will repair, recover, and retaliate.

Taking down a Terminator

Enter the Vanguard

“Yo, everyone, just go home and do revolution however you feel like.”

The Anarchists are already dead

This is the highest stage of anarchism.



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