The Liberal quest to find Russian Conspiracy

There is a terrible confusion emanating from Western liberals, especially those in the United States, yet largely ignored by the rest of the world. They have stumbled upon a deep and vast and powerful conspiracy against them, but that only they can see. Their notions attempt to take all of the growing, worsening problems and crises of late stage capitalist American civilization, and attach them to a goat, labelled Russia — then banish that goat to a lonely death in the ideological desert in the hopes that, with, it all the problems of American society will go away too. Such was the origin of scapegoating, and yet this practice remains in place, at least figuratively, at the “heights” of “enlightened” American political discourse. America is not ‘the bad guy,’ it is merely that it has been infiltrated with the most nefarious of American movie villains, the Russians! Once their leadership is foiled (by a dashing American hero, no doubt) their plot will come crumbling down, and all the institutions of American civilization will be restored, renewed, rejuvenated, and liberal democratic capitalism will thrive once again. Such is the dangerous political fantasy that has overtaken liberal minds.

There is a thesis about the (very broadly speaking) three conflicting worldviews within the United States.

There are (very broadly speaking) not two, but three major political-ideological factions in America. There is the right wing, who overwhelmingly support Trump and America, and whom can be identified as conservatives, Republicans, reactionaries, libertarians, or just outright fascists. There is a middle camp of centrists and reformers and moderates, the Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton camp of liberals, neoliberals, most Democrats, and their gormless cable-news followers. And there is the third, smaller, and more radical left camp, from where Bernie Sanders and others draw much of their support (and beyond, as many far leftists even took issue with Bernie), including social democrats, whatever remains of tax-and-spenders, peace movements, and strong welfare liberals, but also broadly extending to the socialist, communist, anarchist and Black Lives Matter wings, who are now threatening actual rebellion.

A visualization of the three way crossroads and how they will tend to view international political-economy. (source unknown). The Left most quadrant is what is desired, not what actually exists, the Centre is the actually existing state of affairs (which the Centrists themselves defend) and the Right is how the reactionaries view both of the other two concepts.

Now what does all of this have to do with Russia?

There is no other subject in American politics where this divide is more obvious and more apparent than in the ideological divide over Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Not because the right or the left have made this an issue of importance, but because the centrist liberals of America have repeatedly, and exhaustively attempted to make this the primary issue, serving to overwhelm and obfuscate all other actual discourse and actual discussion and actual criticism of the Trump administration. The liberals find themselves crying “Russia!” more and more, and cannot accurately understand why their cries of conspiracy fall on so many deaf ears.

As their initial research showed, only 6% of the electorate preferred Yeltsin.

That is, until the United States threw itself into the Russian democratic process to blatantly swing the election in Yeltsin’s favour. This included sending operatives, disrupting voting stations, fixing votes, stealing ballots, harassing voters, offering bribes, manipulating media stations, blocking access to speak, and had both the Russian state and various American banks dump literally billions of dollars Yelsin’s way to prevent the return of the USSR in one of the most crooked elections in all of human history.

Democrats must take a moment to try an reconcile their own blatant interference in the 1996 Russian election, before any person can take their claims seriously about Russian interference in the 2016 American election.

Now, with this historical understanding of modern Russia, let us return to the moment that liberalism was shattered in the United States: the 2016 Presidential Election.

This is the election broke American liberal brains. No, really. It is in this moment that their worldview and understanding of their world and history can no longer sustain the weight of the lies, and (for many of them) breaks down. The image of them, the noble freedom-loving Americans, as being a decent, morally good, leader of the free world, who were in the process of gradually progressing toward a more open and democratic and free and utopian society through progress and reforms held together well enough (or just barely) through the Bush and Obama years, even though nearly all of the “good” was entirely superficial. But with the entire 2016 election, including Bernie being marginalized, the total moral emptiness of Clinton, her assumed ascendancy to the position — like it was a noble title, all the political polls and pundits already calling it in her favour. And then it all culminating in her losing to a sexual assaulting, bigoted, fascist-sympathizing corrupt cartoon of a President, the entire fake veneer of American decency is ripped off and the wizard behind the curtain is exposed. America has always been a ruthless country that will consistently pursue any and all avenues to grow the power of their wealthy business interests at any cost to humanity, and the few things that could be seen as America ‘being good’ were now largely exposed as shallow public relations marketing, as largely evidenced by Trump pursuing an extremely similar, near-identical foreign policy to Clinton, Obama, et al (occupation of the Middle East, war in Syria, conflict with Venezuela, tensions with China, near-war with Iran — all of these would happen much the same under Clinton as with Trump). His domestic policy is the exact same continuation of the gradual handing over of power from the lower and poorer segments of society to the upper, only with less decency and fewer platitudes — he didn’t change the direction or start this process of late capitalism, he just kicked it into an even higher gear.

Either the Democrats are exactly this predictable and useless, or these guys are capable of time travel.

As stated in the original thesis, we are at a bit of a three-way crossroad regarding the three futures envisioned by Americans. These could broadly be taken as right, centre, and left, but in the same way as past, present, and future.

Again, the right wing worldview is clear, concise and crisp. Make America Great Again. America was good — nay, great, nay THE BEST — at some point in the past, but is no longer. President Trump is the pathway to restore that greatness, to restore this (largely imaginary) time in American history when Beaver Cleaver and his klansmen family got to enjoy a segregated white suburb and separate drinking fountains, and Donald Trump and friends are the bulldozer that will bring us back to that glorious point of the past. Indeed, this requirement to roll back the progress and change of the modern world, especially the parts that benefit the poor, is the defining characteristic of the reactionary worldview.

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