The Liberal quest to find Russian Conspiracy

There is a thesis about the (very broadly speaking) three conflicting worldviews within the United States.

A visualization of the three way crossroads and how they will tend to view international political-economy. (source unknown). The Left most quadrant is what is desired, not what actually exists, the Centre is the actually existing state of affairs (which the Centrists themselves defend) and the Right is how the reactionaries view both of the other two concepts.

Now what does all of this have to do with Russia?

As their initial research showed, only 6% of the electorate preferred Yeltsin.

Democrats must take a moment to try an reconcile their own blatant interference in the 1996 Russian election, before any person can take their claims seriously about Russian interference in the 2016 American election.

Now, with this historical understanding of modern Russia, let us return to the moment that liberalism was shattered in the United States: the 2016 Presidential Election.

Either the Democrats are exactly this predictable and useless, or these guys are capable of time travel.

As stated in the original thesis, we are at a bit of a three-way crossroad regarding the three futures envisioned by Americans. These could broadly be taken as right, centre, and left, but in the same way as past, present, and future.



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