or “That’s Enough of Noam Chomsky”

something that should have been said louder and long ago by wiser, more learned, and better scholars than me

The Fall of Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky the Linguist

Noam Chomsky the Great Debater

The proper way to oppose the war is to politely ask the Pentagon to only use your research and work for defensive military projects, who will no doubt comply with those wishes once expressed.

Noam Chomsky the anti-Vietnam War advocate

Noam Chomsky the defender of the worst revolution

Marxist-Leninist Vietnamese heroes saving Cambodia from Pol Pot. Source: Vietnam News Agency

“Chomsky’s well known views helped lull many people throughout the world into the idle illusion that the horror stories about me Khmer Rouge were either planted by the CIA, fabricated by journalists or both. That is a sorry role. [You are] absolutely right to criticize him.“

— William Shawcross (who, himself, is rather shit)

Noam Chomsky the CIA Asset

The New York Times has repeatedly labelled Noam Chomsky ”the most important intellectual alive.” That should really be a warning sign. This means that the corporate media would like you to share that same sentiment about Noam Chomsky — yet obviously not because of his (declining) credentials as a linguist, but neither can his (at best, mixed) political takes support the enormous mass of this statement. The claim rests overwhelmingly upon ideology.

Noam Chomsky the totally groundbreaking and original author

This meme has been around long enough that I have no idea of the original source.

If you click on and read only one of the hyperlinks in this entire essay, click on this one, (or this one) because Michael Parenti is the antidote to Chomsky’s poison.

Noam Chomsky the exceptional American Patriot

Chomsky’s casual and callous dismissal of both Palestine and the American First Nations says a lot about the man: decolonization is not even up for discussion, just eat shit, obey your oppressors, and hope for the best!

Noam Chomsky the unreliable bad friend

“I’m starting to think that Noam Chomsky might be a little bit shit.” — Hugo Chavez is probably too dead to say it out loud, but even he is probably coming around to that conclusion after Chomsky’s ruthless betrayal.

Noam Chomsky the worse-than-absent defender of democratic socialism

Chomsky seems to be deliberately blind to the level of cooperation and trust between these two. “We’re here to tell President Evo Morales that he can count on us. Whoever picks a fight with Bolivia, picks a fight with Venezuela.” — Nicolás Maduro in 2013
“We categorically condemn the consummate coup d’etat against our brother president [Morales]. The social and political movements of the world declare ourselves in mobilization to demand the preservation of the life of the original Bolivian peoples [who are] victims of racism.” — Maduro

“Chomsky has enormous respect for those who have failed at revolution, and enormous contempt for those who have succeeded.“ — Stephen Gowans

Noam Chomsky the democracy enthusiast

Comrade LegsGini offering a clear and brief accounting of the situation in Syria, involving the tensions between Syrian Army (SAA) and the military arm of the Rojavans (the SDF and YPG).
And before you start on “but the YPG fought ISIS!” please remember that the single biggest ISIS-smasher of the war were the ever-unappreciated Russians, backing Bashir al-Assad.

Noam Chomsky the leftmost Neocon

Famous “anti-imperialist” Chomsky, arguing for continued American intervention in the Middle East, because we all know than the United States spends trillions deploying its troops for purely altruistic reasons.

Noam Chomsky the Unlikely Ally

Alexa, play This Is America again.
Chomsky’s Liberal notion of free speech is a proven ineffective method for combating fascism. In no small part because the liberal assumes we are in a state of misunderstanding, argument and disagreement with fascism, rather than in a state of conflict against it. The communist position on speech is quite different.

Noam Chomsky the not-all-bad

Noam Chomsky the anti-Marxist

Chomsky’s claim here is shattered and proven false by the Communist Manifesto, alone.
Noam Chomsky, the “philosopher,” conceding that he has no idea what actual philosophers are talking about. Marx does not use ‘dialectics’ often or frequently, but he does use it.
Noam Chomsky, suggesting that the Marxist categorization of proletariat be abandoned or rewritten. I wonder whose interests are most served by such a suggestion?

If this essay isn’t nearly long enough for you, here, enjoy this archived Michael Parenti vs Noam Chomsky book.

Noam Chomsky the anti-Leninist

This is the most damaging video to the Western Left in all of youtube history. Except for this one.

If you are in need a quick detailed breakdown of specific points where Chomsky is either misleading or outright lying, kc_socialist has an excellent short written response, explaining the first several minutes of the video. And for a a more comprehensive historical materialist breakdown, see IanBurke’s brilliant, fulfilling answer below.

Noam Chomsky the anti-Communist

Are you sick of Chomsky Hot Takes yet? It’s almost over, stay strong.

Noam Chomsky the ever unrevolutionary Philosopher King

No one knows what it’s like, To be the bad man, To be the sad man…

Noam Chomsky the unremarkable and disposable twitter liberal

How much more of this can you take? Really.

Marxist-Leninist, Rouge Philosopher. Dialectical Materialist. Communism’s top salesperson.

Marxist-Leninist, Rouge Philosopher. Dialectical Materialist. Communism’s top salesperson.