Marxism for Newbies: Capitalism

What is Capitalism?

the Proletariat

the Bourgeoisie

But what about the risk involved? Pay no mind to the risks that the workers take (indeed, who among us is working during this pandemic?) Only the highly secured, insured, minimal financial risks of the owners count as risk to the bourgeoisie. Worker’s risks mean nothing to them.

the Ownership Claim

Necessary Labour

Wage Labour

Surplus Labour and Surplus Value

So what is socialism?

Base and Superstructure

Workers of the world unite — you have nothing to lose but your chains! And you have a world to win.

Pop Spreshinmeyer



Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, (good in philosophy, but deeds are hard, yo) Freelance Philosopher. Dialectical Materialism enjoyer. Marxism’s top salesperson. any/any

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