Marxism for Newbies: Landlords

“But without the feudal lord, there would be no land from which we could harvest the grain!”

The Lords of the Land

Rent strikes are coming back in fashion.

Does the Landlord create value or provide service?

It’s a shame I wasn’t able to be bothered to make a better “LandLord Humongous” pun here.
It’s almost as if capitalism in incapable of making the obvious, efficient resolution that would solve both problems at once.

The Landlord is not the Groundskeeper

Oh yes, there is all sorts of work being done, but doing the landlording aint part of it.

Do you Own or Rent?

But what about Small Landlords?

Property Relations Upheld by the State

It was in this moment, that the previously anarcho-capitalist landlord suddenly realized how much he needed a state to uphold his property relations.

Comrade Adam Smith

Famous Maoist philosopher and revolutionary communist, Comrade Adam Smith.

Landlords and Finance in the age of COVID-19

Landlord exploitation goes far beyond rent extractions and evictions, in many cases.
One simple trick to create land reform. Landlords HATE him.



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