“Towers of gold are still too little,

These hands could hold the world but it’ll,

Never be enough, never be enough, fuh meeeeeee,

Neh-vuh, neh-vuh, fuh meeeee, FUH MEEEEEEEEEEE”

Hit musical number from that gross shit musical that fucking glorifies and whitewashes fucking P.T. Barnum (by the way, John C. Reilly is far too attractive to pass as an on-screen P.T. Barnum, how the fuck you dare to try and present Hugh Jackman as that Eldritch Horror of a human is beyond me)

what happened to our dreams?

Follow your dreams” is more than just a common adage in our society; it has functionally become the premier, singular moral…

Die Hard is one of the most reactionary movies ever made

everyone’s favourite “Christmas” movie

Halloween is over and the holidays are upon us once again. And because everyone needs pop-culture drivel to drown out their insufferable shit-family, we will all turn to holiday movies to escape the irritating shits we are wasting our vacation time with. So then, the question of “what’s your favourite…

The Dialectics of Decaying Capitalism

Artist: Yang Quan http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/186815811.html?weibo_id=4571261655324870 The characters 公知 translate to English as “public intellectual,” but in context that means “gormless shit liberal windbag.”

the “Lesser” Evil

There was a common line in the run up to the 2020 election. “We have to vote for Biden to stop Trump!” “Voting for Biden is harm reduction!” And of course, “Biden is the lesser evil!” and variations on these phrases, all amounting to the same thing — that as…

Reality asserts itself in the unending pandemic, and the twisting contradictions of liberal ideology are tearing it apart

Image borrowed from ‘Shrek V: Shrekmagaeddon’

what if there was a Big Global Pandemic?

Any old socialist who has engaged in debates and arguments with liberals (that is, the ideological supporters of capitalism, be they right wing libertarians/conservatives, centrist-neoliberal Biden/Clinton goombas, or left-sympathetic but still incorrect Bernie bros/greens, etc) have examined a great many hypothetical instances of where their selfish individualism and their limited…

A very tankie essay in defense of Marxism-Leninism, specifically for “the libertarian left”

the Western Left

Since the 2016 election, especially, (and accelerated further by the ongoing collapse/pandemic/protests/riots/etc. of 2020) there has been an influx of New Radicals, finally beginning to break free of their liberal-ideological chains and becoming open to a broader spectrum of ideas that were previously unthinkable. As such, for the first time…

The landlord is one of the last vestiges of feudalism still holding power in (now, even late) capitalist society. But because financial capitalism has overrun and conquered industrial capitalism, in this the era of late imperialism, the problematic and fully parasitic existence of the landlord is just another welcome tool…

Most ‘green’ and other non-socialist left environmentalist movements which are okay with capitalism will try to sell you on ‘environmentally friendly’ products instead of the normal evil icky bad-capitalist products you buy. So instead of a plastic cup, use a recycled cardboard cup. Instead of ordinary socks or clothes, buy…

or “That’s Enough of Noam Chomsky”

something that should have been said louder and long ago by wiser, more learned, and better scholars than me

Noam Chomsky is the most overestimated and over-appreciated political theorist in modern history. He is maybe the worst “leftist” “intellectual” (I need more quotes, the sarcasm might not be resonating!) of…

Dash the Internet Marxist

Marxist-Leninist (sometimes -Maoist), Rouge Philosopher. Dialectical Materialist. Communism’s top salesperson.

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