Every single time it has been implemented it has been a success; drastically improving the conditions of the vast majority of the lives of the people in those countries, establishing the world’s most proven successful education system, offering the only avenue for nations to escape imperialism, overthrow occupation, and develop up and out of poverty from under conditions of exploitation, eliminating unemployment, progressing science and culture more than ever before in their nation’s timeline of existence, and providing the most value-efficient and successful healthcare systems the world has ever seen. Continuing to this day, Marxist-Leninist governments remain, in nearly every case, the absolute best government in their respective nation’s entire histories — especially for the poor and minorities — and are deeply missed by the majority of people that lived under communism (and no longer do), who also overwhelmingly regret it’s end. Communists saved the world from Hitler and fascism, took humans to space; they united and advanced China from a backwards, subservient nation to the position of the next world superpower. Communism made Cuba an international leader in medicine, who recently saved the much richer Italy during COVID-19, developed the DPRK into a cutting edge nuclear power, and liberated more of the planet from the most powerful empires in the world — more often and more successfully — than any other ideology or system, ever before and ever since. Capitalism has violently forced its way into nearly every facet of every corner of the world, and socialist states are the only projects that have ever threatened to resist, repel, and overturn that domination, and it is only Marxist-Leninist projects that have ever neared the completion of that objective, thus far, in history. Communism works, and it works so effectively, all the time, so much so that the only way to get it to stop working is to have the most powerful empires in existence intervene in opposition to it, and even they can only boast mixed success. …

A very tankie essay in defense of Marxism-Leninism, specifically for “the libertarian left”

the Western Left

Since the 2016 election, especially, (and accelerated further by the ongoing collapse/pandemic/protests/riots/etc. of 2020) there has been an influx of New Radicals, finally beginning to break free of their liberal-ideological chains and becoming open to a broader spectrum of ideas that were previously unthinkable. As such, for the first time in 50 years, the (once thought to be dead) Western ‘far-left’ is on the uptake again, and enjoying its largest influx of new supporters in North America since at least 1968, and probably since the second World War. However, unlike most (in fact nearly all) other corners of the globe, Marxism-Leninism is not the dominant philosophy of rebellion amongst Westerners, but rather various currents of “the libertarian left,” including “democratic” ““socialists””, left-communists, but predominantly and especially anarchists. Which leads into the topic of this essay, illustrating a larger functional problem of anarchism — that it overwhelmingly fails to produce tanks.

The landlord is one of the last vestiges of feudalism still holding power in (now, even late) capitalist society. But because financial capitalism has overrun and conquered industrial capitalism, in this the era of late imperialism, the problematic and fully parasitic existence of the landlord is just another welcome tool of wealth extraction in the capitalist arsenal. It’s a particularly nasty method of wealth extraction, to boot, as evictions will frequently leave former tenants homeless and on the street, or worse. Just as the serfs in the times of feudalism had to give some fraction of their grain (or other labours) to their lords, so too do renters have to give some fraction of their income — the wealth that they produced at work during the month to their landlords, or be removed from the premises. …

Most ‘green’ and other non-socialist left environmentalist movements which are okay with capitalism will try to sell you on ‘environmentally friendly’ products instead of the normal evil icky bad-capitalist products you buy. So instead of a plastic cup, use a recycled cardboard cup. Instead of ordinary socks or clothes, buy those made from recycled materials or with environmentally friendly seals of approval showing they produce less waste per product. Or, instead of a pickup truck, drive a hybrid or electric vehicle. …

There is no single short essay or article that can explain all of capitalism in detail. Karl Marx wrote three entire volumes of Das Kapital and still had more to write by the time of his passing (the third volume wasn’t exactly finished, either). But there is a central ‘core mechanic’ in the system of capitalism, that many people are oblivious to, or simply overlook or underappreciate it’s function. …

or “That’s Enough of Noam Chomsky”

something that should have been said louder and long ago by wiser, more learned, and better scholars than me

Noam Chomsky is the most overestimated and over-appreciated political theorist in modern history. He is maybe the worst “leftist” “intellectual” (I need more quotes, the sarcasm might not be resonating!) of them all. The amount of — not only unearned respect — but literally complete deference to Chomsky as the source of their opinions from so many anarchists, social democrats, and other so-called leftists — is the most undeserved and unearned approbation in leftist history. To call his following a cult is to do a disservice to its size. …

As Marxist-Leninists, one must take into consideration important decisions, including important decisions made in individual, personalized interactive digital media, for reasons. Perhaps one of the most far reaching and important decisions made in video games, are the choices made in The Witcher 3. Heralded not only as among the best RPGs of all time, many place this game as a heavyweight in a Game of the Decade discussion, and only a handful of games have placed more emphasis on in-game consequences for decision making (“choices matter”) in interactive storytelling, and the impact on the larger narrative than The Witcher 3.

There is a terrible confusion emanating from Western liberals, especially those in the United States, yet largely ignored by the rest of the world. They have stumbled upon a deep and vast and powerful conspiracy against them, but that only they can see. Their notions attempt to take all of the growing, worsening problems and crises of late stage capitalist American civilization, and attach them to a goat, labelled Russia — then banish that goat to a lonely death in the ideological desert in the hopes that, with, it all the problems of American society will go away too. Such was the origin of scapegoating, and yet this practice remains in place, at least figuratively, at the “heights” of “enlightened” American political discourse. America is not ‘the bad guy,’ it is merely that it has been infiltrated with the most nefarious of American movie villains, the Russians! Once their leadership is foiled (by a dashing American hero, no doubt) their plot will come crumbling down, and all the institutions of American civilization will be restored, renewed, rejuvenated, and liberal democratic capitalism will thrive once again. …

“Dialectical Materialism” is the term often used to describe the Marxist worldview — how things work in the universe, according to Marx. The fancy name, and large German words often lead people to assume there is a strange mysticism or magical element to the philosophy, when in reality that could not be further from the truth. There are a few big names who have made contributions to Dialectical Materialism, but it overwhelmingly comes from Karl Marx.

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“Gaze into my dialectics, and tell me, what do you see?”

Dialectical Materialism is, simply, the tool-set that Karl Marx and most of his followers use to examine, analyze, and understand the world, and its counterpart ‘historical materialism’ being the same tool-set applied specifically to human history. Now, it is worth noting that this term was not coined by Marx, and you wont find it specifically in Marx’s writings — it instead comes from Karl Kautsky —who was sort of the “President of the Karl Marx fan club” after Marx and Engels pass away. You can think of Dialectical Materialism (sometimes referred to as “Diamat” for short) as just a helpful tool for understanding the way that most Marxists try to look at things, but if you do understand it well enough, it can help to provide serious and real insight and explanatory power about the world. Indeed, many scientists and professionals do so already, often unaware that their ‘little mental trick’ or ‘hidden knowledge’ is actually just a part of a larger and well established philosophy. …

A Dash Dialectic, by Dash the Internet Marxist (/u/theDashRendar)

Special thanks to: DonkeyChonker, Gatorguard, ScienceSleep99, mikeCNFI, Zhang_Chunqiao, Psy1, and Kimball Cariou

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the Problem (for the bourgeoisie):

Protests and demonstrations on a scale never seen before in the United States against police brutality and racism have erupted over the death of George Floyd. Only one of the four officers involved is facing any charges and even that stands at just a slap on the wrist. The protesters are now grappling for control of entire areas within the city, and police forces are stretched to their capacity. …


Dash the Internet Marxist

Marxist-Leninist(-sometimes Maoist) Rouge Philosopher. Dialectical Materialist. Two for one special on dialectics.

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